Pelagos Agreement reaches out to young people with the support of the Rotary Club of Monaco

The tripartite Pelagos Agreementhas made new educational resources available to raise awareness amongst young people regarding the importance of biodiversity and the protection of marine mammals. The Rotary Club of Monaco has provided essential support to make this initiative possible.

In the 1990s, the Rotary Club of Monaco played a pioneering role as one of the early advocates of the Pelagos Project which, a few years later, led to the signing of the Pelagos Agreement under the auspices of Prince Rainier III. Devoted to marine environmental conservation, the Rotary Club of Monaco has supported the Pelagos Agreement in the creation of a poster and an escape game.

These two complementary tools have been designed to offer an educational experience that allows young people to learn, through playful activities, about the marine mammals populating the Sanctuary, their characteristics, evolution, and the threats they face. The escape game is designed to offer an emotionally rich experience, encouraging young people to become ambassadors for the protection of marine mammals within the Pelagos Sanctuary. The poster, which is available on the Agreement’s website, will also be distributed in the Monegasque, French, and Italian schools within the Sanctuary area upon request.

Thanks to these new tools, the younger audience becomes a protagonist in the protection of marine mammals, reinforcing the idea of a Sanctuary which belongs to everybody and for everybody.

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Sea the Blue’s Conference

On April 18th, the Pelagos Agreement took part in a conference on the conservation of marine ecosystems organised by the Sea the Blue Association, founded by six students from the EDHEC Business School in Nice as part of a pedagogical project.

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