Voluntary Fund established for the protection of marine mammals in the Pelagos Sanctuary

Last year, the Pelagos Agreement established the “Pelagos Voluntary Fund”, thus adding a necessary instrument to financially support the ambitious new Pelagos Action Plan (2022-2027). In particular, the fund will support tripartite initiatives within the priorities set by the new Management Plan, both through additional funding from the Countries and donations from individuals and citizens.

Thanks to the generous contributions of France (Ministry of Ecological Transition), Italy (Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security) and Monaco (Department of Foreign Relations and Cooperation) and the Association “Nage Libre France”, the Pelagos Voluntary Fund has already received half a million euros in its first year.

Anyone who cares about the preservation of whales, dolphins and monk seals and their precious environment can make a donation to the Pelagos Sanctuary by contacting the Permanent Secretariat directly at: secretariat@pelagossanctuary.org

Now you can participate in the conservation of the marine biodiversity of the Pelagos Sanctuary!

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