Launch of several technical and scientific activities of the Pelagos Work Programme

With a view of the preparation of the Quality Status Report (2026-2027) and in the framework of the technical-scientific activities of the Agreement’s Work Programmes, six calls for consultancy were launched and successfully concluded by the Pelagos Agreement. The initiative aroused a great interest within the international scientific community and among the nearly 30 applications received. By the end of December and until mid-2025, several teams of experts will support the Pelagos Agreement in actions related to the assessment of species abundance; distribution and habitats; maritime traffic and anthropogenic underwater noise; chemical and biological pollution; pathological effects; and impacts of fishing and tourist activities.

The Permanent Secretariat is very pleased with the response to the calls and the overall quality of proposals received.

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Network of “Blue Schools”

The Network of "Blue Schools" is made of hundreds of schools and teachers from all Member States of the European Union, aimed at involving students of all levels and educating the new generation of young citizens on the protection of the sea

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