Network of “Blue Schools”

What is the Network of “Blue Schools”

The Network of “Blue Schools” is made of hundreds of schools and teachers from all Member States of the European Union, aimed at involving students of all levels and educating the new generation of young citizens on the protection of the sea, as well as to raise awareness on our individual responsibility towards our planet.

With the help of experts of the Network and under the guidance of teachers, students will be invited to discover the sea and its biodiversity during lessons in biology, physics, chemistry, but also mathematics, history, literature, art. Each participating school will become part of the Network of “Blue Schools” and will be rewarded with a certificate of recognition, issued by the EU4Ocean Coalition and the European Commission.

How to participate

Each school, or network of schools, will have to develop a project together with a local partner. Once prepared, the project will be uploaded to the European “Blue Schools” platform for approval. The UNESCO Oceanographic Commission, Venice office, will be able to provide support and assistance in all phases, from the conception and preparation of the project to uploading it to the platform. If you decide to develop a project in relation to the marine mammals of the Pelagos Sanctuary and the threats they face, please communicate it to the Permanent Secretariat. The new call is expected for January 2024, and will be open until May 2024; there will be time to forward the project untill May 2024.

What Pelagos offers

Over the course of its almost 25 years of life, the Pelagos Agreement has developed a large amount of educational and information material for children on the protection of marine mammals and their habitat. This material can be shared with the participating schools, that will be able to use it to prepare their project. The approved projects, regarding marine mammals of the Pelagos Sanctuary, may be showcased during an event promoted by the Permanent Secretariat of the Pelagos Agreement, during which they will receive the certification of inclusion in the “Blue Schools” Network by the Intergouvernmental  Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

For more information

You can find all the information on the call, how to participate, and how to receive assistance and support in the website of the Network of “Blue Schools”.

Furthermore, in the section of the Pelagos website dedicated to children, you will find various games and information material. If necessary, you can contact the Permanent Secretariat at the following email address:

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