15th Scientific and Technical Committee of the Pelagos Agreement
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Provisional Agenda Click here to download


Cuvier’s beaked whales and submarine impulsive noise in the Mediterranean

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Guiding principles on the working methods of the Pelagos Working Groups

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Letter of Intent to Donate

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CST15_2023_Doc15 Donation Agreement

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Pathways to coexistence between large cetaceans and maritime transport in the North-western Mediterranean region: Collision risks within the proposed north-western Mediterranean Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA), including the Pelagos Sanctuary Click here to download


Report of the “Mediterranean Biodiversity Knowledge Platform for the Pelagos Sanctuary”

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CST15_2023_Inf06 Preliminary report on regulations in place on the powerboat racing and jet skis in the Pelagos Sanctuary

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Report on the evaluation of the communication tools of the Pelagos Agreement Click here to download


Report of the Activities for the development of the cooperation of the Pelagos Agreement

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CST15_2023_Inf09 Update and Harmonisation Process of the Pelagos Partnership Charter Click here to download
CST15_2023_Inf10 Summary table of national activities related to the Pelagos Partnership Charter in the biennium 2022-2023 Click here to download
CST15_2023_Inf13 Plastic Busters CAP

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Litter-Free is the way to be. Actions for a healthy Mediterranean Click here to download
MEPC 79-10 Designation of a particular sensitive sea area in the North Western Mediterranean Sea to protect Cetaceans from international Shipping Click here to download
MEPC.80/WP.10 Designation of the North-Western Mediterranean Sea as a PSSA Click here to download


MEDITERRANEAN BIODIVERSITY PROTECTION COMMUNITY (MBPC) IN ACTION: Supporting Cetacean Conservation in The Pelagos Sanctuary Click here to download
UNEP/MED WG.526/4 Contribution from the Plastic Busters MPAs project to the Barcelona Convention ECAP process and the Regional Plan on Marine Litter Management in the Mediterranean: presentation of the policy recommendations in order to move forward towards GES for D10 (Marine litter). Click here to dowload

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